Pet Surgery at Liberty Vet Pets

At Liberty Vet Pets, we pride ourselves on providing superior veterinary care for your beloved pet. One of the services we offer at our Philadelphia office and through our mobile vet care is comprehensive surgical procedures. These procedures include spaying/neutering, orthopedic, tumor removal, and more. Whether it is a simple procedure or a more complex one, rest assured your pet will get our undivided attention and compassionate care. Here are a few of the common procedures we provide.


Tumor Removal

As pets grow older, they become more likely to develop tumors. If you notice that your pet has an abnormal growth, our veterinarian can determine if the tumor is benign or potentially dangerous. Surgery may follow to remove the tumor.

Tooth Extraction

Dental surgery is also a common procedure we provide. If your pet has gum disease or a dental infection, your veterinarian may recommend extractions. During this outpatient procedure, your pet will be placed under anesthesia.

Broken Bone Repair

Pets break bones just like people do. For example, they may experience broken bones as a result of a fall or an auto accident. After your pet experiences a broken bone, he or she will need to undergo surgery immediately so that the bone can heal properly.

Orthopedic Surgery

As pets age, they may begin to experience bone pain. Over time, surgery may be the right option to relieve your pet's pain. Orthopedic surgery can also correct congenital health issues.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay and neuter surgeries are essential procedures we perform at our animal hospital and through our mobile vet clinic. Not only does this procedure prevent unwanted litters, but it also prevents wandering behavior.

Emergency Surgery

There are circumstances when emergency surgeries are needed. These situations could be due to severe bleeding, injury to the eyes, auto accidents, choking, heatstroke, excessive vomiting or diarrhea, or if they haven't eaten in more than 24 hours. Never hesitate to contact our veterinary team if anything happens to your pet.  

Schedule Surgery Today

Some pet owners think their animal may need surgery, but they know that bringing their pet to the vet for an assessment might be difficult or stressful. Mobile vet services can be helpful during these difficult times, especially if you are unsure about your pet's needs. At Liberty Vet Pets, we are dedicated to providing the professional veterinary care your pet needs to live a healthy and pain-free life. Regardless of what kind of care your animal needs, our veterinarian will help every step of the way throughout your pet's wellness journey. Call our veterinary office to learn more about our surgical services or to schedule your pet's next appointment. 

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