Mobile Veterinary Care

Just like people, pets have unique needs. Some pets may be unable to leave the house for various reasons. There are a few reasons you might want to have house calls rather than bring your pet to the animal hospital.

Liberty Vet Pets provides mobile vet services in Philadelphia. Mobile vet care can provide a lot of benefits for your pet.

Mobile Veterinary

Your Pet Deserves Access to Quality Vet Care

Even if your pet is not able to leave the house, he or she deserves access to a qualified veterinarian. A qualified vet can come to your home to assess your pet's mobility and other health concerns. Our vets also travel to other locations that may be easier to access than the office.

Meet Our Mobile Vet Services

Our mobile vets often meet patients outside the office, sometimes at larger facilities to avoid long travel times. No matter why you cannot bring your pet to the office, we know that your pet deserves access to wellness exams and other preventative care, like vaccines and dental exams. We can travel to different centers so that you have easier access to appointments. This can prevent the need for public transportation use with a large pet, which is less stressful for you and your pet.

House Calls

If you have a busy schedule or a pet that is too large to transport, you may find that a house call may be the best option. Some pets are simply too old or too sick to make it to an appointment at our office, and we understand that this can have an emotional and physical toll on both of you. Our house calls relieve some of the pressure, so you can be a bit more comfortable.

When can you count on a house call? We provide house calls for pets that require routine care, illness diagnosis, or non-emergency medical treatment. Our vets can even collect blood samples, administer vaccines, and provide medication.

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Liberty Vet Pets serves Philadelphia pets who benefit from house calls. We know that for some pet owners, getting treatment for a beloved animal can be difficult. Call our animal hospital today at (888) 458-8587 to speak with a veterinarian who cares about your pet's wellbeing.

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