3 Things to Know About Pet Dental Care

Taking care of your pets’ oral health is just as important as ensuring they get their vaccinations and eat a healthy diet. At Liberty Vet Pets in Philadelphia, we understand that figuring out how to brush a dog or cat’s teeth can be daunting for animal lovers. However, exploring how and when to act regarding your pets’ oral health can help keep your favorite animal pain-free and ready to play.

Pet Dental

The Basics of Pet Dental Care

When you bring your pets to the veterinarian for a dental checkup, you can expect to be involved in part of the experience. After your pets receive a thorough exam and teeth cleaning, their vet can walk you through the process of learning how to take care of their oral health. You can ask them to show you how to brush your pets’ teeth, and your vet can recommend the safest products for removing plaque between visits. For example, your dog or cat might benefit from special chew treats that can reduce plaque and tartar in their mouth.

Protect Your Pets’ Oral Health

Brushing your pets’ teeth at home helps prevent cavities, but reaching all the surfaces of your pets’ mouths is almost impossible. So you will want to plan for your dog or cat to receive yearly cleanings as part of their pet dental care plan. Their vet will let you know if your pets need cleanings more often. Typically, a veterinarian will recommend more frequent cleanings when an animal has advanced gum disease. Taking care of your pets’ gums can prevent early tooth loss that can impact their overall health.

Know When to Arrange for a Tooth Extraction

Even with the best care, your pets’ teeth may sometimes require tooth extraction. For example, a dog or cat with a broken or severely decayed tooth may show discomfort by whining or refusing to eat their average amount of food. Arranging your pets to have their extraction done at an animal hospital puts them in a safe place to receive quality care.

Schedule Your Pets’ Dental Visit at Our Animal Hospital

Schedule a dental visit today if your pets need a tooth extraction or are ready for their first cleaning. At Liberty Pet Vets in Philadelphia, we prioritize gentle dental care services that keep pets comfortable throughout each procedure. Staying on top of your pets’ dental needs means they will be ready to catch that ball or dig into a favorite treat without feeling unnecessary pain.

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