Kitten Care

If you have just acquired a kitten or several kittens, knowing how to care for them properly is important. The first months of a cat's life are full of excitement and curiosity. You probably already know that kittens can be a handful but the love and affection they provide makes it all worthwhile. Our veterinarians at Liberty Vet Pets provide in-home veterinary services for kittens and cats alike. We have put together a few steps you can take to start your new friend off on the right foot.


Check Your Home For Potential Hazards

Kittens are curious by nature, which means they could easily become injured if they come into contact with the wrong object. Conduct a full check of your home for areas where your kitten is at risk of getting hurt. Get down on your hands and knees and look around for spots where there are sharp edges or protrusions. Cover or remove these hazards as needed. Remove all chemical agents from areas where your kitten has access. Do not keep items around that are made with string as kittens are known to try to bite at these objects. They could cause an intestinal problem if swallowed.

Get Some Comfort Items

A kitten needs a food dish and water bowl that you keep in the same location day after day, so they know where it is located. Our mobile vet will provide you with information about the right food to feed your kitten. A proper diet depends on your kitten's age and health requirements. Kittens also enjoy having toys to play with. Head to your local pet supply store for these items. You may want to provide your kitten with a cat bed for slumbering. Grooming supplies, such as a comb, brush, nail clippers, and cat shampoo are also needed to keep your kitten clean.

Get A Full Evaluation Conducted By Our Mobile Vet

Our veterinarian comes to you and performs services in our mobile pet care vehicle. It is important that your kitten has an examination at an early age so that treatment for medical conditions is administered without delay. Our vet will also discuss the importance of vaccinations, parasite prevention, spaying or neutering, and microchipping during this appointment.

In-home Veterinary Care in Philadelphia, PA

We provide mobile veterinary care, including kitten care, emergency services, and preventative treatment for pets in the Philadelphia area. If you are ready to have your kitten checked by our veterinarian, schedule an appointment with Liberty Vet Pets by calling us at (888) 458-8587.

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