Kidney Failure in Cats

Today, we're delving into a topic that might sound heavy but is crucial for our purring pals – kidney failure in cats. It's important to know what this could mean for your whiskered companions.

Kidney failure cat

What's the Scoop on Feline Kidneys?

Like humans, cats have a pair of kidneys that are crucial for their little bodies. These bean-shaped wonders filter out waste, balance fluids, and harmonize the internal kitty world. Kidney failure in cats, or as we vets call it, feline renal failure, is when the kidneys start facing a bit of trouble.

How Do Cats Get Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure in cats can sneak up on them in a few ways. It could be due to aging – the kidneys have been working overtime, and now they're not as spry as they used to be. Another sneaky culprit is chronic dehydration. Cats can be a bit finicky with their water intake, and if they're not getting enough, those kidneys might start protesting.

Spotting the Signs of Kidney Trouble

How do you know if your kitty's kidneys are giving them grief? Watch out for signs like increased thirst – if your cat's suddenly slurping more water than usual – and frequent trips to the litter box. Speaking of the litter box, if your feline friend leaves more surprises than normal, it might be time for a vet check. Other red flags are weight loss, a decrease in appetite, and a drop in energy levels. When the kidneys start slacking off, toxins can accumulate in the bloodstream. This can lead to many issues, from high blood pressure to anemia.

How Can I Help?

First and foremost, keep that water bowl filled with fresh H2O. Cats can be a bit picky, so try different bowls and locations to make it enticing. Watch their diet, too. A kidney-friendly diet with low phosphorus levels can be a game-changer. Your vet can guide you on the perfect diet plan.

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