Pet Vaccinations

If you have recently decided to add a new pet to your household, then you're probably looking for a veterinarian who can handle all his or her health needs. An important part of an initial checkup (and in some cases annual exams) is the administration of vaccinations. Getting your pet his or her shots is one of the best ways to keep him or her healthy. We at Liberty Vet Pets in Philadelphia, PA, know a lot about pet vaccination. 

Pet Vaccination

How Do Pet Vaccines Work?

Vaccinations work by introducing a weakened form of a virus into an animal.  While the virus is too weak to make the animal sick, it will prompt the animal's immune system to make antibodies that can fight the virus. That way, if your pet is ever exposed to the live, healthy version of a virus, your pet's immune system will fight off the virus.

Vaccines for animals have been around for centuries, and there have been millions of animals that have received shots over the years. Side effects from vaccines are rare. The consequences of contracting a disease such as rabies or distemper, however, can be fatal. Every year, these diseases kill many pets.

How Pet Vaccines Are Administered by Our Veterinarian

In Pennsylvania, there are several vaccinations that are required for animals. These diseases tend to be ones that can spread from an animal to a human, such as rabies. At your pet's first appointment, our veterinarian will look to see if the animal has already been vaccinated against these diseases. If the animal is not up to date on their shots, the vet will administer the needed vaccines.

Be aware that all pets need to be vaccinated, even if they spend most of their time indoors and rarely see other animals. These diseases can be picked up in several different ways, not just animal to animal transmission. Furthermore, it is often difficult to spot the early signs of these diseases, making them very difficult and expensive to treat when they are eventually discovered.

We have a mobile vet that can make house calls for your convenience. We understand it can be difficult to make it to our animal hospital during your busy day, so our veterinarian is prepared to meet you where your pet feels the most comfortable.

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