At Home Veterinary Visits

Sometimes it can be difficult for either you or your pet to travel. This can make getting to the veterinarian difficult. We don’t believe this difficulty should come between your pets and quality veterinary care. That is why we do house calls at Liberty Vet Pets in Philadelphia, PA.


When It’s Hard to be Mobile with Pets

We decided to start a mobile vet service when we found out about pet owners who were housebound, or found it too physically difficult to get to our office. For you and your pets, we can come to you. Call our office to see if our mobile vet service will work for you, your pet, and your budget.

House Calls Can be Easier on Pets as Well as Their Owners

You don’t have to be a pet owner for long to notice that most pets are less than thrilled with visits to the vet. You just have to look at a large dog being literally dragged across the waiting room floor to get to an exam room to figure this out. Pets get stressed out by vet visits partly because their owners are anxious, but mostly because they smell and hear the anxiety of other pets. When a vet makes a house call, they do not get negative stimuli from other pets. This can make routine vet care less stressful for pets.

What Our Mobile Veterinarians Can and Can’t Do

Our mobile veterinary service can do many things, like give vaccines, perform wellness exams, give some dental exams, and take samples from your pet to be tested. We can also help with minor wounds and illnesses. We cannot do surgery or anything that requires general anesthesia. If your pet has a serious condition, our vet may recommend that your pet needs to go to an animal hospital in order to get urgent treatment.

Let Us Be Your Mobile Vet in Philadelphia, PA

If you live in Philadelphia and find it difficult to get your pet to a veterinarian, contact Liberty Vet Pets at (888) 458-8587 to schedule an appointment for an at home visit. We offer up front pricing, so you do not have to be surprised.

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