Your pets mean a lot to you. Perhaps they are core to your business, or they are just companions at home. Whatever the case, you want your pets to remain healthy and happy for as long as possible, and that starts with pet care. Here at Liberty Vet Pets with a veterinarian in Philadelphia, PA, on our team we provide exactly that. We offer pet care services to keep your pets healthy at all times.


Pet Wellness Exams

Preventive care is part of what we do here. We pet exams to detect diseases early enough before they progress. During pet exams, we examine your pet from head to tail and look at the health of vital organs to keep your pet healthy.

Has it been a while since your pet had a wellness exam? Book an appointment with our animal hospital today.


Vaccines boost your pet’s immunity, which helps in fighting disease-causing organisms. We offer both core and non-core vaccines. If you don’t know the type of vaccine suitable for your pet, get in touch with a veterinary doctor on our team. We will give you a vaccination schedule for your pet to keep him protected over the years.

Spay and Neuter Services

Looking for a permanent method to curb unwanted litters? Consider spaying and neutering your pet. These procedures involve the removal of the reproductive organs to prevent breeding. “Fixing” your pet is not only a birth control method but yields numerous medical and behavioral benefits for your pet.

At our clinic, we can spay and neuter pets before they start their first heat cycle. Bring your pet to a veterinarian on our team to enjoy our safe spaying and neutering services.

Dental Care

Optimal dental care for pets involves at-home oral hygiene, which encompasses brushing your pet daily and offering dental-friendly chews. While at-home dental care is great, you may need the help of a veterinary doctor to complete your pet’s dental care routine. Annually, we may advise you to bring your pet to our dental clinic for professional dental cleaning. Routine cleanings remove built-in plaque and tartar in hard-to-clean surfaces in your pet’s mouth.

Pet Surgery

If pet surgery is what it takes to restore your pet’s health to its optimal state, we are never afraid to go this route. You can count on our veterinary team to offer pet surgeries with a safe and successful outcome.

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