Pet Toxin Control

Pets are known to snack on human food from time to time, although this can be a bad habit to start. Many of the foods that humans eat are toxic to an animal’s body. Our veterinarians at Liberty Vet Pets Animal Hospital in Philadelphia are experienced with pet toxins and will provide the treatment your pet needs when it swallows something it shouldn’t.


Poison is Everywhere

Not only can pets be in danger of toxins due to a lack of awareness of substances, but a pet’s smaller frame means that smaller amounts of a toxin can be more problematic to smaller animals even if they are otherwise safe for larger animals. For example, aspirin. While it may be acceptable for your dog or cat to take aspirin for their type of arthritis (always check with your veterinarian before implementing such a regimen), the dosage must be monitored closely for the size of the pet.

While it is not surprising for some household items to be toxic like cleansers and actual poisons, others are not so obvious, such as plants. Lilies and tulips are common decorations that can cause nervous system damage or kidney damage if ingested.

Use Caution with Table Scraps

Certain proteins that people consume can be an acceptable snack for your furry friends. A little meat from the roast chicken may be fine for the beggars under the table, but it depends on how the meat was prepared. Although grapes and chocolate are well-known for being bad foods to give to cats and dogs, so are onions and garlic. While not many dogs would chomp into an onion, this means that foods prepared with an onion could also make your dog quite ill. Garlic bread, meatloaf, and other comfort foods may seem harmless, but it is a matter of the ingredients.

What If Your Pet Ate It?

Prevention is the most powerful treatment for poison. However, despite our best efforts, our pets can still find food we didn’t expect them to find. If this was just a single grape, there may be no big incident. If there is more than just a bite of food eaten, keep a close eye on your pet. Be sure to offer plenty of fluids and monitor your pet’s condition for an upset stomach. If it was a sizable portion of a known toxic food, such as chocolate, or any amount of unexpected medication, take your pet to see the veterinarian immediately.

Get Expert Veterinary Care in Philadelphia, PA

Our veterinarians at Liberty Vet Pets are here to ensure that your pets are healthy and happy for years to come. Our mobile vet services are also useful in cases of pet toxin ingestion. If you have questions about what may be poisonous to your pet or would like to make sure your pet is safe after consuming something you didn’t watch, call our team today at (888) 458-8587 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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